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Swaybox Studios is bringing the magic of practical puppetry to the big screen in ways never before seen. Since 2014, Swaybox principals Arthur Mintz, Theresa Andersson, Noah Scruggs, Chris Armand, and Thomas Woodruff have pioneered new methods that challenge viewers’ notions of how puppets look, move, and feel. The result is long-form storytelling that is visually breathtaking, dynamically expressive, and—above all—more human.



 And for all its advancements, their puppetry retains the nostalgic charm of this age-old art form. Swaybox, which has now grown to a team of 25 animators, fabricators, designers, and other artists is currently producing many projects from their home base of New Orleans, including a feature film with Matt Reeves and his production company 6th & Idaho.

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